and in more news look out in March for ‘RIDEoffourHOPE’

this will be 24 March and features:

Hope Hospital (actually nowadays known as Salford Royal, but there’s enough monarchy around already and this loss of eponycism deserves to be met with the appropriate degree of cycnicism doesn’t meet our criteria) to the Hope Inn Stockport (via Hollins Green) and thence to Howard Town where the spring beer Hope will be launched and thereafter to Hope Derbyshire

There are plenty of opportunities to bail out en route


provisional times are set out below:

depart former Hope Hospital 09:15
8 miles to Hollins Green and thence 17 miles to Hope Inn Stockport 12:00

(en route opportunities for sustenance are legion)
depart Stockport by 12:45

not quite 15 miles to Glossop via possibility of refresher at Harewood Arms Broadbottom
(optional bail out by train) arrive Howard Town Old Glossop by 14:30

leave Glossop 16:00 (optional bail out by train) 10 miles Glossop – Chapel

possibility of refresher at Old Cell Chapel en le Frith (optional bail out by train)

8 miles Chapel – Hope: option to travel back or stopping out at Hope


visit gettothecoast.co.uk again soon for updates


or send an email  to gettothecoast(at)gmail.com

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