Ode. In Radcliffe.

One of the joys of being an itinerant cyclist ….

is visiting Radcliffe.

Radcliffe. Why? What? Where?

But Radcliffe? Not necessarily synonymous with the true romance of the open road …. but ….

Radcliffe was always a place associated with a great pub on the old Metrolink Ale Trail – the Papermakers Arms. A friend had (still has) a business based in Radcliffe. I had professional involvement in a matter in which property was located in the township of Radcliffe.

But none of this explains how Radcliffe now has a special place in my memory. The answer? Rain. It all comes down to the rain.

On the Greater Manchester B:Ring cycle there are times when the rain comes down. And in the course of deep research for the B:Ring there are times when drawing up at another anonymous industrial estate engenders a rather less than awe inspiring feeling of wholesomeness. More like homelessness.

Yet – as the buckets unleashed themselves – at Radcliffe I found a warm welcome and shelter from the storm.

Carley F was happy to let in this half drowned rat and to talk about the passion that is beer!

Brightside! What a great name! And ODIN! Blimey. Say no more. Just seek it out.

saved from the rain by Carley at Brightside 22 09 17

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