RIDEoffourHOPE – route plan complete!

Part III (a) and Part III (b) are now up on mapmyride. Not sure how well the links work – see below.

OK – so from Howard Town – if the last leg wasn’t hilly enough carry on. Or jump off and into the van …. or go home by train ….. or stay (and drink more HOPE!!) It is definitely becoming hilly, if it was not before. With a steady climb up Chunal, drop down to Hayfield, then up over Chinley Head. But fear not – there be refreshments at the Old Cell; or failing that at any number of other fine establishments in this capital of the High Peak. I personally recommend a royal picnic which can be obtained by combining the wares of MacBurham and the Chapel en le Frith Craft Brewing Co; perhaps not to the taste of the vegans but then the Pie Parlour and Bakery is back in Glossop….

Glossop – Chapel 16km; 334m elevation; about an hour

Part III(a) http://www.mapmyride.com/workout/2690989135/

From Chapel … the uphill theme continues along the route known as ‘Rushup’ (sic) until a rather sharp descent at Winnats Pass. Always feels better going down (ie W-E) at this point – but need to watch speed and have good braking control. If you hit the cattle grid too hard you can end up with a buckled wheel. If you miss the grid it can end up a whole lot worse. Watch speed and have good braking control.

NB: When at the Old Hall in Hope be careful not to rely upon the clock in the bar if you are planning to take the train home…. at least its not far to return and refresh while waiting for the next one! Personally I won’t be taking the train home next time. The beer is too good to leave!

Chapel – Hope 14 km; 218m elevation; 50 minutes

Part III (b) http://www.mapmyride.com/workout/2690223508


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