New web design – we see the sea!

We see the sea! From just three days to the coast!

If you live far from the seaside then can bring you to the coast! By cycling on a range of routes across England you can experience the full variety of countryside from rugged hills to flatlands and sunny slopes to scary climbs. Picture postcard villages and market towns steeped in history. Urban grit and industrial archaeology. Not forgetting afternoon tea and full breakfasts not to be missed.


England: tourism on two wheels!

Routes are selected to encompass the full panoply of tourist opportunities while providing a significant challenge to your legs and lungs.

These routes are for you if you are time poor yet want to see the sea! Best undertaken west-to-east or south-to-north to seek maximum shelter from any prevailing weather the basic routes can be adjusted to fit your timescale and interests.


Short breaks by bike!

We aim to help you see the sea without having to take two weeks to get from one end to the other! And our service includes supported and accompanied riding so if it becomes a bit too much you can be assured that assistance is not far away!


Are you ready for the challenge!

The rides we do are meant to be challenging. Other people can do rides which are easier. If you want to see the sea – with a sense of having deserved it – get to the coast with!



More updates to follow soon!

visit again soon for updates


or send an email  to gettothecoast(at)

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