0-50k in 49 days! and GTTC supports Christie effort!

fitness regime off to flyer!

We are pleased to present (albeit in draft form!) a new flyer for your new fitness regime – ‘0-50k in 49 days!’

any and all comments welcome!

designed to help and encourage you with having a go with progressive cycling!

0- 50k does what it says – helps you to ride from a modest start to an achievable target!

0 to 50k in 49 days leaflet

and in other news…. GTTC supports Christie effort!

At GTTC we are very pleased to support fundraising efforts such as the phenomenal Manchester – Blackpool ride on behalf of the Christie Charitable Trust. We took a slight diversion (the never to be repeated and unique ‘Tour de Leyland’) off to slake the thirst en route https://www.facebook.com/themarketalehouse/ but otherwise managed the 100k route in some 7h30. For some this represented the longest bit of cycling for a number of years …… or ever!


The route back was long and arduous – the van coped better than the passengers with the traffic and a well deserved stop was enjoyed at the Dressers Arms in Wheelton http://www.dressersarms.co.uk/

Monies raised in a good cause – find fundraising link here https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/gettothecoast?newPage=True

More updates to follow soon!

visit gettothecoast.co.uk again soon for updates


or send an email  to gettothecoast(at)gmail.com


One thought on “0-50k in 49 days! and GTTC supports Christie effort!

  1. Brilliant day out to Blackpool raisi g funds for the Christie Charitable trust including off-the-beaten track refreshment stops.
    Hats off to Kai for travelling to Blackpool the previous day to ensure his van was in place to bring us home.


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