the end of #Tryanuary …..

Greater Manchester B:Ring publicity whistle stop tour with highly refreshing sojourn at Project 53 Knutsford with Alex and just in time for #tryanuary with Boom Juice, 1924, and Sidekick (ok, so not strictly speaking a flight but pretty much as good as, with three halves)

….. and also only just in time for Dunham Porter, Bridgewater Blonde and Lymm Bitter with Dave at the Lymm Brewery Tap where there were two flights

Looking forward now to

And then of course it’ll be time for ‘le winter training #1 d’excellence’ – the brexit busting bike bus pathfinder tour Cherbourg – Dieppe! (see more details below!)




visit again soon for updates

or send an email  to gettothecoast(at)


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