New addition to alliteration alphabet!

This morning saw a tweet by one Katie Deacon @Katie_Cakes ~

If you were me would you go to Helmsley or Harrogate tomorrow? There must be cake!

You can guess what followed – an immediate trip to Green Flag Route Planner! Transpires that its only a hop skip and a cycle from Harrogate to Helmsley and so was formulated another great GTTC addition to the alliteration alphabet.

Not yet sure when the first edition will be inaugurated but we note that TdY is coming on soon and we’ll already be in that neck of the woods for that so it might be that we can do it then….


Oh the lovely joys of social media! A great tool if/when you can button it when/if necessary!  Thanks for the inspiration Katie! There shall be cake!


visit again soon for updates

or send an email  to gettothecoast(at)








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