BBBB Cherbourg:Dieppe! Flixton:Fulford! Gentle Cheshire Midweek Meandering! RIDEoffourHOPE!

In Brexit Busting Bike Bus news the Cherbourg:Dieppe pathfinder was a pretty great success! Absent any major hiccup there was wine! Biere! Snoring! Very pleasant weather and splendid – tho’ not very challenging – cycling!

‘Le winter training #1 d’excellence’ took place just a week after the last really cold snap and it was really very pleasant to traverse the quiet roads and cycle paths of the Cotentin peninsula and Calvados.

BBBB (2nd ed.) le Dunkerque:Dieppe is in planning stages now so if you wish to participate in this pathfinder get in touch with GetToTheCoast. Dates yet to be confirmed but it will likely be either 3-7 July (with potential TdF viewing) or 4-8 September.

Meanwhile the alphabet of alliteration continues to fill up with a new addition to the F’in selection – Flixton:Fulford. This ride will be inaugurated on 19 May when there will be a delivery of used inner tubes to Cycle of Good We are promised an elephant suit for a suitably bold rider and an elephant bike for anyone willing to try one out! This is a free ride-along provided by GTTC as part of our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility. There will be support in form of the bus driven by a volunteer which will carry any spare tubes which you might wish to bring to deliver to the project in Stoke.

We have been pleased to provide some very enjoyable gentle rides out to Cheshire. Featuring stops at Moulton we have travelled the Whitegate Way and Delamere Forest amongst other places on ‘Gentle Cheshire Wednesdays’ (wot? no alliteration?) ok – more properly called ‘Midweek Meanders’.

Finally in this news update ….. the return of RIDEoffourHOPE. Another ride-along with free support provided by GTTC this year to be run on Saturday 4 May. Hope Hospital! Hope Inn! Hope beer! Hope Derbyshire! All in a day’s riding!


visit again soon for updates

or send an email  to gettothecoast(at)



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