Been much engaged in pursuing #marksthepielines recently. A recently tested leg #TraffordCentretoTottington was much enjoyed (and indeed there was a bit of a carry on until Ramsbottom). Numerous great pies en route including Bury Black Pudding Samosas ( – blimey – who knew that was a thing!) Congratulations to all involved at the Victoria in Walshaw!

Next planned is #SwinleytoSaddleworth featuring Horwich, Astley Bridge, Breightmet, Ainsworth, Bury, Heywood, Rochdale, and Newhey. (That’s a bit hilly in anyone’s language).

Moving on from the subject of hilly there has also been a bit of gentle leisure cycling with a few midweek excursions of the flat and easy variety. These are designed to help promote a bit of extra exercise and fitness for those not (yet) inclined to the inclines.

Various routes explored including an interesting variation of the pie line theme along the canal from Astley to Leigh. Much more pleasant that the Bridgewater: less people and a better surface. Cheaper. Interesting heritage at the mining museum and countryside at Pennington and all along the canal.

In political news plans are progressing for a couple of foreign trips: Dieppe:Angouleme (wot? no alliteration?) and #BirchtoBelfast (for 2021, subject to vaccinations) and #StudentskiGradtoSindos (2022).

More updates to follow soon!

visit gettothecoast.co.uk again soon for updates

or send an email  to gettothecoast(at)gmail.com

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