Come on down from Crewe for charming pottering to the Cycle of Good

A lesson today in how to start off: by looking at the map a little more closely. Some of the roads west of M6 are pretty grim for cycling, though not overwhelmingly so.
Having found the route to Radway Green (must return to Alsager sometime) the rest of the route was relatively calm and some splendid sights to behold; small market town squares which must have been quite wealthy in times past but maintain some albeit now quite shabby dignity.
The overall view of Stoke on Trent from riding through is of a series of badly run down towns and not many signs of prosperity.
Some good countryside in surprising locations not far off the main roads (see in particular Bathpool Park, Acres Nook Road/Boathorse Road). And the museum in Hanley is worth a visit.
And on to Cycle of Good. Always some positive things to remember from visits there!

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