Bury:Bollington backwards step for alphabet alliteration?

So I’ve slipped up here. Going from ‘C’ back to ‘B’ might be considered a remiss return in what was planned to be a weekly jaunt through the #AlphabetofAlliteration (which should have been just as easy as #AlliterationByCycle) or alternatively, perhaps, #AllAboutAlliteration

In any event having missed Doffcocker-Dunham Drop Down and Eccles:Edgeley and of course falling well behind #FFinABC (aka Fishguard:Felixstowe via Abergavenny Banbury & Cambridge) here is something for the new picnic age

Not yet established the precise route for Bury:Bollington as it might just involve a bit of bending to the rules for personal exercise at the moment but it will be one to look out for. Thank you to EG for bringing this to my attention: ladies, gentlemen – behold ye Buckhurst Lodgeside (nr. Bury) to Bollington. Featuring

Further details from the Guardian website; or Buckhurst Lodgeside (BL9 6SZ) or @TheIndianGoat2018  (SK10 5JT)

For now here’s what that google maps suggests:

For more – there is so much more –

visit gettothecoast.co.uk again soon for updates

or send an email  to gettothecoast(at)gmail.com

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