This is the page on which you can find out about!

It is pretty simple. We do about four main things involving bikes:

You want to get to the coast – with bike

  • to cycle on a more or less challenging coast to coast route; or
  • to get across the sea to France (other countries available across the sea…) with your bike to do some contentinental cycling; or
  • to visit the coast with a bike for fun

then you will pretty soon find that doing so by train is a bit of a pain. Especially if you are not going on your own.

Holyhead * Hull * Dover * Newhaven * Poole * Bournemouth * Blackpool – and other destinations for coast to coast cycling – for your transport to the coast. With bike.

We also run

Tours with varying degrees of support

We like in general doing long miles with a few hills thrown in but there are some tours that are less demanding

We also do a fair bit of

Social cycling for new or rusty cyclists

– and can provide the bikes too (they aren’t rusty)


And for those who want to work less and cycle more

Corporate team touring and networking