BBBB Cherbourg:Dieppe! Flixton:Fulford! Gentle Cheshire Midweek Meandering! RIDEoffourHOPE!

In Brexit Busting Bike Bus news the Cherbourg:Dieppe pathfinder was a pretty great success! Absent any major hiccup there was wine! Biere! Snoring! Very pleasant weather and splendid – tho’ not very challenging – cycling!

‘Le winter training #1 d’excellence’ took place just a week after the last really cold snap and it was really very pleasant to traverse the quiet roads and cycle paths of the Cotentin peninsula and Calvados.

BBBB (2nd ed.) le Dunkerque:Dieppe is in planning stages now so if you wish to participate in this pathfinder get in touch with GetToTheCoast. Dates yet to be confirmed but it will likely be either 3-7 July (with potential TdF viewing) or 4-8 September.

Meanwhile the alphabet of alliteration continues to fill up with a new addition to the F’in selection – Flixton:Fulford. This ride will be inaugurated on 19 May when there will be a delivery of used inner tubes to Cycle of Good We are promised an elephant suit for a suitably bold rider and an elephant bike for anyone willing to try one out! This is a free ride-along provided by GTTC as part of our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility. There will be support in form of the bus driven by a volunteer which will carry any spare tubes which you might wish to bring to deliver to the project in Stoke.

We have been pleased to provide some very enjoyable gentle rides out to Cheshire. Featuring stops at Moulton we have travelled the Whitegate Way and Delamere Forest amongst other places on ‘Gentle Cheshire Wednesdays’ (wot? no alliteration?) ok – more properly called ‘Midweek Meanders’.

Finally in this news update ….. the return of RIDEoffourHOPE. Another ride-along with free support provided by GTTC this year to be run on Saturday 4 May. Hope Hospital! Hope Inn! Hope beer! Hope Derbyshire! All in a day’s riding!


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HOPE:HOPE (or, more fully Holyhead – Hope (Fli.) – Hope (Derbys.) – Hull) is one of a number of iconic rides on the GTTC alphabet of alliteration!

Now GTTC offer you a bespoke shorter version over two days to experience many of the learning issues which will ultimately be required if you want to become a Tour Guide!

two days cycling and learning * pleasant leafy lanes in flatlands of Cheshire plain * challenging climbing into the Peak District * comfortable accommodation * plentiful refreshment

also features

*substantial historic, cultural, and industrial heritage experiences *

* Chester – Roman Walls – Cheshire – mines – Peaks – caves *

* two nights accommodation *

* all meals *


* 28  – 30 April from £335 *


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New addition to alliteration alphabet!

This morning saw a tweet by one Katie Deacon @Katie_Cakes ~

If you were me would you go to Helmsley or Harrogate tomorrow? There must be cake!

You can guess what followed – an immediate trip to Green Flag Route Planner! Transpires that its only a hop skip and a cycle from Harrogate to Helmsley and so was formulated another great GTTC addition to the alliteration alphabet.

Not yet sure when the first edition will be inaugurated but we note that TdY is coming on soon and we’ll already be in that neck of the woods for that so it might be that we can do it then….


Oh the lovely joys of social media! A great tool if/when you can button it when/if necessary!  Thanks for the inspiration Katie! There shall be cake!


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‘Park and Ride’ in Cheshire! and #socialmedia

Very much enjoyed an outing to Moulton and westbound including stops at Whitegate Station Cafe and Manor Farm, Tattenhall (Old Ma’s)


This is an example of stressless gentle riding for those who are looking for relaxation and a bit more fitness rather than a lung- and leg- busting challenge such as Hope:Hope, or FFin’ ABC (both (c) GTTC!)


Starting and finishing at The Lion, Moulton with an opportunity for a refresher before beating the rush hour home! That’s what we call ‘Park and Ride’ at GTTC!


And in more modern news ‘hashtagging’ is here! Hoping not to attract the wrong kind of attention with #allthebestdates here are some upcoming planned rides

13 March short cycle: Irlam Astley and back on the canal (it is very flat)
27 March short cycle: Irlam, Warburton, Dunham
10 April longer ride: Cheshire (‘we like it flat’) venue tbc
24 April short cycle: tbc



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Fully booked! And more to come!

Cherbourg – Dieppe

le winter training #1 d’excellence‘ GTTC’s innovative Brexit Busting Bike Bus cycle Cherbourg to Dieppe now fully booked! Being run on a not for profit pathfinder basis this is the first time we have ventured over the channel.
Even though the whole produce of France may not easily be available after March we are sure that further European cycling opportunities will present themselves soon!
Why not contact us for other opportunities to experience cultural delights of France before the gates come crashing down!

Midweek short (and longer) cycles!

Dates for upcoming Wednesday long and short rides in spring! After the maximum refreshment and excitement levels reached on ‘Leisurely Cheshire 13 02 19‘ we are sure that these will be in demand!
The rides will be aimed at moderately competent (on short routes) and intermediate (longer rides) cyclists.
The premise is that anything strenuous is unwelcome! So its a great opportunity to do a bit of social cycling!
27 February longer ride: Cheshire lanes and ice cream
13 March short cycle: Irlam and canals
27 March short cycle: Irlam, Warburton, Dunham
10 April longer ride: Cheshire (‘we like it flat’)
24 April short cycle: tbc
More details coming soon!

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the end of #Tryanuary …..

Greater Manchester B:Ring publicity whistle stop tour with highly refreshing sojourn at Project 53 Knutsford with Alex and just in time for #tryanuary with Boom Juice, 1924, and Sidekick (ok, so not strictly speaking a flight but pretty much as good as, with three halves)

….. and also only just in time for Dunham Porter, Bridgewater Blonde and Lymm Bitter with Dave at the Lymm Brewery Tap where there were two flights

Looking forward now to

And then of course it’ll be time for ‘le winter training #1 d’excellence’ – the brexit busting bike bus pathfinder tour Cherbourg – Dieppe! (see more details below!)




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‘le winter training #1 d’excellence’

AKA (the Brexit Busting Bike Bus) Cherbourg – Dieppe pathfinder expedition!

Very pleased today to circulate an update to a select group of afficionados who have expressed interest in participation in this altogether brilliant coastal detente european flavour grabbing history interrupting – just kidding – lively meander.

(Alliterating is all very good but the key is knowing when to stop).


We’re off in March. And back in time for Brexit! Before stockpiling is precluded!


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Resolution for 2019? Keep calm and Tryanuary

GTTC presents Greater Manchester B:Ring for Tryanuary Part I:

Sunday 6 January 2019

Irlam – Lymm – Dunham – Mobberley – Wilmslow – Bollington (return from Adlington or Poynton). An end of festive burn off across the flatlands and an opportunity to reflect on the season of goodwill.

Feat. breweries of:

Lymm ~ Dunham Massey ~ Mobberley ~ Wilmslow BH&K ~ Bollington

GTTC presents Greater Manchester B:Ring for Tryanuary Part II:

Sunday 13 January 2019

Irlam – Eccles – Bolton – Bury (via Radcliffe). An early middle of the month gentle introduction to hills and mills and a taste of the life in the north.

Feat. breweries of:

First Chop ~ Bank Top ~ Brightside ~ Deeply Vale ~ Silver Street

GTTC presents Greater Manchester B:Ring for Tryanuary Part III:

Sunday 20 January 2019

Stockport – Glossop – Stalybridge – Mossley – Uppermill. Neither last nor least cometh the beasts in the east with some tasty climbing to whet the appetite.

Feat. breweries of:

Foolhardy ~ Green Mill ~ Howard Town ~ Tickety Brew ~ Millstone ~ Donkeystone

GTTC presents Greater Manchester B:Ring for Tryanuary Part IV:

Sunday 27 January 2019

Poynton (for Bollington) – Whaley Bridge – New Mills – Glossop – Stockport. Fill in some gaps on the south east uplands with some hearty hills to burn off the chills.

Feat. breweries of:

Bollington ~ Torrside ~ Howard Town ~ Green Mill ~ Foolhardy

GTTC presents Greater Manchester B:Ring for Tryfebruary Part I:

Sunday 3 February 2019

Mossley – Uppermill – Saddleworth – Rochdale – Bury. Because there are never enough Sundays in one month here’s a bonus full blown hill stage

Feat. breweries of:

Millstone ~ Donkeystone ~ Saddleworth ~ Pictish ~ Deeply Vale ~ Silver Street

General principles

the rides (mainly) start and finish at railway stations

the rides pass by the locations of breweries (mainly) around the outskirts of greater manchester

there shall be opportunities to try new beers

there shall be no competitive drinking

there shall be responsible cycling

there shall be concessions to the weather

there shall be support in the event of mechanical breakdown

the rides shall visit locations at which pies may be available

transport back to the start point may be facilitated by special arrangement

the wearing of warm clothing is encouraged


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‘Tryanuary’ with the Greater Manchester B:Ring cycle

Looking forward to blowing out some cobwebs? GTTC taking on the twitterati at

There are plenty of new tastes for the new year and before that – shirts and posters available! But cycling is not just about trying out new breweries – don’t forget the pies!

Diane at Pie Parlour & Bakery

Village Shop Hollins Green 15 10 17

And if you think this could all be too much then starting a new regime could not be easier than with ‘0-50k in 49 days’. Build up your cycling proficiency and stamina until you can complete some distance in time for a springtime or summer challenge. Perhaps a short ride for charity? Then – get to the coast!

More updates to follow soon!

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GTTC at #walkbikegm

GTTC very pleased to attend successful launch for new campaign to increase and support walking and cycling to address universally accepted objectives.

Not sure how the idea of seeking to allow bikes on Metrolink on a trial basis is something which might be regarded as an objective for all of Greater Manchester. Perhaps try for something a bit more ambitious….. eg how about removing seats from half of every other carriage on all GM trains as well as trams? These could be replaced by folding down seats and more standing space as well as being accessible for more buggies, prams, wheelchairs and thereby increase attractiveness of trying to travel by public transport for a wider range of users – people not just of our tribe! It would also allow for more capacity with more standing room at peak times.


At GTTC while mainly enjoying substantial trips to get to the coast we also

  • help businesses to promote more cycling to work;
  • offer corporate cycle based entertainment; and
  • seek to encourage a wider cycling and general activity movement with for example ‘0-50k in 49 days’


We look forward to supporting #walkbikegm under whatever name is eventually chosen for this great initiative.


More updates to follow soon!

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