‘Gatley Denton Poynton Ridearound …. GDPR …’s in the data!’

Been out today plotting the route for ‘Gatley Denton Poynton Ridearound ….GDPR …’s in the data!’ [(c) GTTC Ltd]. First leg is nice and easy – no hills to speak of – 16k – a pretty  easy less than an hour ending in a break for lunch at the Lowes Arms.

The route from garmin is here

For any ‘reluctant returners’ look away from the second leg. 850m elevation. 50km. Just over three hours: scenic countryside featuring Broadbottom, Charlesworth, Monks Road, Hayfield, skirting New Mills, Furness Vale, Whaley Bridge, Hr. Disley, Pott Shrigley and Poynton. That’s pretty. Hilly. Pretty and hilly. In short pretty hilly.

Sadly it seems that the Coffee Tavern in Poynton will be closed when the run is practised on 20 April but after extensive research an alternative finishing point has been identified …. at Cask Tavern for refreshment after the ride. Eastern Nights was in fine form when assessed in the matrix of suitability for this venue. Expected nothing less from Bollington.

More updates to follow soon!

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Just in time for RIDEoffourHOPE our updated Alcohol Policy can be found (here)

It is not a complex, nor an onerous, document but we do feel that it is important that anyone signing up for our rides be confident that any opportunity to take alcohol in course of a refreshment break does not degenerate into a free for all leading to what might become unsafe cycling. We want everyone to ‘stick together’! ‘don’t split up’! and ‘no-one is left behind’! so that everyone arrives safely at the end of the ride.

In particular on RIDEoffourHOPE we do appreciate that most ‘reluctant returners’ will not be attempting the whole day. We will be providing for sign out at the Hope in Stockport for those who wish to stop there. There may be separate carry on opportunities for those seeking refreshment over cycling.



Just so that no-one thinks we are only interested in liquid refreshment we are pleased to confirm opening of nominations for our new ‘PIE-LINE’. If you have a favourite pie emporium please let us know in order that it might be assessed for fitness to include in the RIDE of the PIES. Preliminary route plans to follow. And there are some fantastic pies to be had!!



The inaugural “Gatley Denton Poynton Ride-around (‘it’s in the data’)” (c) gttc has been set for 20 April. One for your diary if you are at all concerned about compliance issues. Riding for CPD! It’s good for you! It’s good for me! It’s all in the data – you will see!

Contact us for details!



Events upcoming as spring springs!

Faster than a daffodil as the days start to lengthen the new season approaches with events to salivate over.


Flixton fun on Thursday

Thursday 22 02 18


That Tiny Bike Shop.

Beer free.

Not strictly correct to say ‘BEER~FREE’ because there will be coffee, tea, biscuits, bikes, talking, like minded bike talking, chit chat, map rap, cycle thing, meet up, plan a ride, refreshment orientated casual turn up as well. As beer.

18:30 – 21:00 at TTBS: Entrance by donation

All funds raised to be split between

The Toy House (charity no. 1168925)


Simply Cycling (charity no. 1143362)


and on Friday our latest no-cycle corporate function:

Friday 23 02 18 travelling Entertainment.

No cycles.

Not strictly correct to say ‘CYCLE~FREE’ because although there are no immediate plans for coffee, tea, biscuits, and pies there will be some sort of like minded bike talking, chit chat, and map rap. It’s a refreshment orientated, semi-casual turn up thing as well. And beer will feature.


In accordance with the promotion of responsible cycling we do not suggest that cycles be brought to this event or be used for transport home afterwards.

18:00 – later


More updates to follow soon!

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RIDEoffourHOPE – route plan complete!

Part III (a) and Part III (b) are now up on mapmyride. Not sure how well the links work – see below.

OK – so from Howard Town – if the last leg wasn’t hilly enough carry on. Or jump off and into the van …. or go home by train ….. or stay (and drink more HOPE!!) It is definitely becoming hilly, if it was not before. With a steady climb up Chunal, drop down to Hayfield, then up over Chinley Head. But fear not – there be refreshments at the Old Cell; or failing that at any number of other fine establishments in this capital of the High Peak. I personally recommend a royal picnic which can be obtained by combining the wares of MacBurham and the Chapel en le Frith Craft Brewing Co; perhaps not to the taste of the vegans but then the Pie Parlour and Bakery is back in Glossop….

Glossop – Chapel 16km; 334m elevation; about an hour

Part III(a)

From Chapel … the uphill theme continues along the route known as ‘Rushup’ (sic) until a rather sharp descent at Winnats Pass. Always feels better going down (ie W-E) at this point – but need to watch speed and have good braking control. If you hit the cattle grid too hard you can end up with a buckled wheel. If you miss the grid it can end up a whole lot worse. Watch speed and have good braking control.

NB: When at the Old Hall in Hope be careful not to rely upon the clock in the bar if you are planning to take the train home…. at least its not far to return and refresh while waiting for the next one! Personally I won’t be taking the train home next time. The beer is too good to leave!

Chapel – Hope 14 km; 218m elevation; 50 minutes

Part III (b)


Ode. In Radcliffe.

One of the joys of being an itinerant cyclist ….

is visiting Radcliffe.

Radcliffe. Why? What? Where?

But Radcliffe? Not necessarily synonymous with the true romance of the open road …. but ….

Radcliffe was always a place associated with a great pub on the old Metrolink Ale Trail – the Papermakers Arms. A friend had (still has) a business based in Radcliffe. I had professional involvement in a matter in which property was located in the township of Radcliffe.

But none of this explains how Radcliffe now has a special place in my memory. The answer? Rain. It all comes down to the rain.

On the Greater Manchester B:Ring cycle there are times when the rain comes down. And in the course of deep research for the B:Ring there are times when drawing up at another anonymous industrial estate engenders a rather less than awe inspiring feeling of wholesomeness. More like homelessness.

Yet – as the buckets unleashed themselves – at Radcliffe I found a warm welcome and shelter from the storm.

Carley F was happy to let in this half drowned rat and to talk about the passion that is beer!

Brightside! What a great name! And ODIN! Blimey. Say no more. Just seek it out.

saved from the rain by Carley at Brightside 22 09 17

T-shirt design news!

With many thanks to Claire G for pointing out very gently my failings in the previous and not very good use of social media and a link almost as dodgy as a bag of lights – and a shout out to everyone at the Jolly Angler…….

Claire! Looking forward to planning the Inner Ring Cycle!


Here’s a mock up of the shirts just ordered from Applique Apparel! Thanks to David and Jamie for pointing out that revision …… the only way is up …..


MAP TSHIRT mock up


More updates to follow soon!

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T-Shirts coming soon!

Just been to to order some shirts for the Greater Manchester B:Ring


also today was looking forward to completing and uploading the route for the forthcoming RIDEoffourHOPE featuring:

  • Hope Hospital (showing off age as ever)
  • Hope Inn Stockport
  • return of the seasonal spring beer from Howard Town (‘Hope’)
  • Hope Derbyshire

Unfortunately having been distracted by the world of work this will have to wait for another day. The first two parts are already on mapmyride ….. see further below

More updates to follow soon!

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GTTC: entering the digital age

It is said that 70 is the new 30 – and although we are some way off either such milestone it has to be conceded that the dawning of middle age is something that can no longer realistically be denied. To celebrate this we are seeking better to understand ‘SOCIAL MEDIA’ and to further this interest are proposing to attend a seminar about how this phenomenon can ‘HELP US’. So watch this space for further developments and – perhaps – look out for further news updates from that place above the mesosphere (which we are informed contains a high concentration of ions and free electrons and is able to reflect radio waves).

On second thoughts maybe just look out for more opportunities for enjoyable cycling with GTTC!

More updates to follow soon!

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RIDEoffourHOPE on mapmyride

Parts I and II of RIDEoffourHOPE scheduled for 24 March are now available to review – or even to test out – on (Part II) and (Part I)

Part I is from HOPE Hospital to the HOPE Inn Stockport; 40km and just 100m elevation. About two hours at relatively modest cycling pace.

It is not hilly! There are refreshment and sustenance opprtunities aplenty en route: we recommend Hollins Green for coffee and cake, and some truly excellent pork pies; Dunham Massey brewery for a relaxing retail experience; and the Courtyard at Wythenshawe Park for generic cafe food in green surroundings.

At the HOPE Inn there are some of the finest pies to be had, and these may be accompanied by Foolhardy Ales of the highest quality.

Part II is from the Hope Inn to Howard Town Brewery where the spring beer (‘Hope’) will be launched: 21km 315m elevation. About an hour and a half. ish.

There are some inclines. HOPE INN Stkpt via Romiley, Woodley, Gee Cross, Hattersley, Broadbottom, Charlesworth, Simmondley, to Howard Town Brewery Old Glossop for HOPE.


More updates to follow soon!

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