Station:(boat)Station (aka a Ride to Hope)

approx 20 miles / 32 km; two hours at gentle pace; from Irlam Station to Hope (they can call it what they want, but we know it’s Hope) Hospital. And back. With many sights to see (not least but much better on a Sunday through Trafford Park. And there’s room for improvement on the glass on pathways front; and the designers of the route around the new bridge appear to have been outwith cyclists’ input.
There is another path alongside the (north side) canal but one assumes that Peel aren’t too keen for people to have real access …..

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Casual Cycle Sundays in September

Planned rides from Irlam Station

Plans afoot for short – medium – and longer rides on a Sunday morning starting from Irlam Railway Station at 09:00 and designed in particular for people who are maybe not that fit; maybe not that experienced as cyclists; ‘reluctant returners’; and others wanting a bit of gentle exercise. An ideal complement to a personal fitness regime – like ‘0-50k in 49 days’! (on which see more below)

More rides and publicity material to follow – for now here is a short and a medium example. No need to wait until September! Try the rides yourself – any time while the sun is shining is a good time to start!

Irlam short circuit with walk alongside the moss

(eight miles; about an hour and ten)
This short circuit for hybrid and mountain bikes includes the Irlam Linear Park and a section alongside Little Woolden Moss. The path by the moss has been designated for walkers only (so you should dismount and push for about 300m) due to it having been constructed on peat bog. Plans are in hand for upgrading for cyclists.
There are opportunities to extend the riding section and avoid the walking if you prefer.
For more about the bog and conservation see:
Volunteer work parties on Wednesdays and alternate Sundays

Irlam Astley Worsley Barton: mainly off road lanes and canal side

(17.5 miles; about two hours)
This is a ride for people who do not want to use roads. Mainly on pretty well made up smooth tracks with a long stretch beside the Bridgewater Canal. There are a couple of awkward stiles and a railway level crossing (with staffed signal box). It is best suited for hybrid and mountain bikes but it is passable with a road bike if you do not go very fast and do not mind a few bumps and ruts.
The route passes by the mining museum at Astley (   limited opening hours) – a fine place for a tea stop – and there are a couple of pubs along the route as well

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0-50k in 49 days! and GTTC supports Christie effort!

fitness regime off to flyer!

We are pleased to present (albeit in draft form!) a new flyer for your new fitness regime – ‘0-50k in 49 days!’

any and all comments welcome!

designed to help and encourage you with having a go with progressive cycling!

0- 50k does what it says – helps you to ride from a modest start to an achievable target!

0 to 50k in 49 days leaflet

and in other news…. GTTC supports Christie effort!

At GTTC we are very pleased to support fundraising efforts such as the phenomenal Manchester – Blackpool ride on behalf of the Christie Charitable Trust. We took a slight diversion (the never to be repeated and unique ‘Tour de Leyland’) off to slake the thirst en route but otherwise managed the 100k route in some 7h30. For some this represented the longest bit of cycling for a number of years …… or ever!

The route back was long and arduous – the van coped better than the passengers with the traffic and a well deserved stop was enjoyed at the Dressers Arms in Wheelton

Monies raised in a good cause – find fundraising link here

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1. Bikes on trains and 2. WI-WI-WHI!!

Bikes and trains

OK so apologies for introducing a bit of politics in this update but the important point is about (lack of) bike provision on trains
Not sure how many of you might have seen the consultation from Grayling about Cross Country trains franchise
Its only 40 odd pages and makes for some interesting reading – just what planet the tories are on can be garnered from the suggestions to reduce the amount of crowding. Locally the MEN have flagged the idea that crowding can be reduced by stopping at fewer stations. That isn’t what the system needs
What struck me was that (having looked through it twice) I found mention of cycles x 2
I think that if a number of people who try to use trains with bikes chase this up soon enough there might be a groundswell of support for what might be a good start:
1. extra carriages with more bike spaces (which can double as standing room; or can incorporate fold down extra seats)
2. wider doors to assist everyone getting on and off trains (they go on about ‘churn’ being an issue)


Just enjoyed a very pleasant coast to coast Walney Island – Whitby via Rylstone and Cracoe (? – WI!)

Highlights included Kirkby Lonsdale, Settle, Kettlewell, West Tanfield, Ripon, Wass Bank, Ampleforth Moor, Helmsley, Blakey Ridge …… and loads more in between

I took three and just a bit days – it was nice to do it like that with each day becoming easier!! On reflection though starting in Settle on Day 2 gave me no chance of beating the first hill without legs being warmed up. That was the only one that I had to walk up so this route is eminently feasible for anyone with a modicum of fitness and the right attitude

Day 1 Walney to Settle 120km 1170m elevation

Day 2 Settle to West Tanfield 93km 880m elevation

Day 3 West Tanfield to Blakey 82km 860m elevation

Day 4 Blakey Ridge to Whitby 37km 296m elevation


Once I develop the skill to upload albums there will be pictures to show!!!


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0-50k in 49 days!

Having seen and much admired the success of couch-5k we thought GTTC should make an effort to encourage similar efforts …. in cycling

Following in the steps of other great ideas start small – with nothing. If you haven’t cycled for a while; or if cycling a modest distance is a bit of a challenge; or if you don’t even have a bike this could be the kick start you need!

GTTC will be pleased to support this initiative to build confidence and fitness by incremental steps so that within seven weeks you can complete a 50 km ride. Using routes on flat lanes, quiet roads, and off road cycle trails! Why not ask if anyone else will provide a local bespoke service. We are running ours from 14 June!

The commitment is an evening (eg Thursday) and a morning (Sunday) but this can also run at other times by arrangement.


More updates to follow soon!

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new: plan for WI-WI-WHI

Planning for new variation on Walney Island to Whitby

features include:

  • Ulverston in the Lake District
  • Haverthwaite – Lindale – Leasgill – Kirkby Lonsdale
  • Settle in the Yorkshire Dales
  • Airton – Rylstone (WI!) – Grassington – Kettlewell – Leyburn – Bedale
  • Helmsley – Hutton le Hole and Pickering Moor in North Yorkshire


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New web design – we see the sea!

We see the sea! From just three days to the coast!

If you live far from the seaside then can bring you to the coast! By cycling on a range of routes across England you can experience the full variety of countryside from rugged hills to flatlands and sunny slopes to scary climbs. Picture postcard villages and market towns steeped in history. Urban grit and industrial archaeology. Not forgetting afternoon tea and full breakfasts not to be missed.


England: tourism on two wheels!

Routes are selected to encompass the full panoply of tourist opportunities while providing a significant challenge to your legs and lungs.

These routes are for you if you are time poor yet want to see the sea! Best undertaken west-to-east or south-to-north to seek maximum shelter from any prevailing weather the basic routes can be adjusted to fit your timescale and interests.


Short breaks by bike!

We aim to help you see the sea without having to take two weeks to get from one end to the other! And our service includes supported and accompanied riding so if it becomes a bit too much you can be assured that assistance is not far away!


Are you ready for the challenge!

The rides we do are meant to be challenging. Other people can do rides which are easier. If you want to see the sea – with a sense of having deserved it – get to the coast with!



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‘G-D-P-Ridearound! It’s in the data!’ (3rd ed. 19 05 18)

Yes – time for another ridearound. The next edition of the Gatley Denton Poynton Ridearound will be 19 May 2018!

DO NOT EXPECT  loads of free advice about compliance with the GDPR!

DO EXPECT some light reference to the right to be forgotten!

It will probably be far too late for any big corporations who have not yet updated their privacy policies to do so prior to 25 May but those are not really our concern. Except on a personal level – who does not want to be free of prying corporations? But on a more interesting level this ridearound features some alliterative suburban flat lining and then some pretty significant hill climbing!

Long Lane and Monks Road (Charlesworth)! Whaley Lane (Whaley Bridge)! Mudhurst Lane and Higher Lane (Higher Disley and Kettleshulme)! Then back from hillside to the flat side to Pott Shrigley and Poynton!

850m gain; 50km (about three hours at pretty moderate pace)

The first section is – with reluctant returners in mind and plenty of public transport joining or leaving opportunities – far easier. It’s less than an hour – barely ten miles and pretty much no climbing at all.

If you don’t want to have a go at the harder stuff the van can!

Travel home by bike on the flat side! Or by train from Poynton. Plenty of sustenance opportunities en route. As well as a bit of G-D-P-R!

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‘Gatley Denton Poynton Ridearound …. GDPR …’s in the data!’

Been out today plotting the route for ‘Gatley Denton Poynton Ridearound ….GDPR …’s in the data!’ [(c) GTTC Ltd]. First leg is nice and easy – no hills to speak of – 16k – a pretty  easy less than an hour ending in a break for lunch at the Lowes Arms.

The route from garmin is here

For any ‘reluctant returners’ look away from the second leg. 850m elevation. 50km. Just over three hours: scenic countryside featuring Broadbottom, Charlesworth, Monks Road, Hayfield, skirting New Mills, Furness Vale, Whaley Bridge, Hr. Disley, Pott Shrigley and Poynton. That’s pretty. Hilly. Pretty and hilly. In short pretty hilly.

Sadly it seems that the Coffee Tavern in Poynton will be closed when the run is practised on 20 April but after extensive research an alternative finishing point has been identified …. at Cask Tavern for refreshment after the ride. Eastern Nights was in fine form when assessed in the matrix of suitability for this venue. Expected nothing less from Bollington.

More updates to follow soon!

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Just in time for RIDEoffourHOPE our updated Alcohol Policy can be found (here)

It is not a complex, nor an onerous, document but we do feel that it is important that anyone signing up for our rides be confident that any opportunity to take alcohol in course of a refreshment break does not degenerate into a free for all leading to what might become unsafe cycling. We want everyone to ‘stick together’! ‘don’t split up’! and ‘no-one is left behind’! so that everyone arrives safely at the end of the ride.

In particular on RIDEoffourHOPE we do appreciate that most ‘reluctant returners’ will not be attempting the whole day. We will be providing for sign out at the Hope in Stockport for those who wish to stop there. There may be separate carry on opportunities for those seeking refreshment over cycling.



Just so that no-one thinks we are only interested in liquid refreshment we are pleased to confirm opening of nominations for our new ‘PIE-LINE’. If you have a favourite pie emporium please let us know in order that it might be assessed for fitness to include in the RIDE of the PIES. Preliminary route plans to follow. And there are some fantastic pies to be had!!



The inaugural “Gatley Denton Poynton Ride-around (‘it’s in the data’)” (c) gttc has been set for 20 April. One for your diary if you are at all concerned about compliance issues. Riding for CPD! It’s good for you! It’s good for me! It’s all in the data – you will see!

Contact us for details!