Get to the coast: destinations

We will take you and your bike to the coast. We serve Blackpool, Dover, Fishguard, Holyhead, Hull, Newhaven – and other destinations for coast to coast cycling.

And we also offer other interesting cycle routes and activities

If you want to ride UK coast – to – coast: get to the coast at

  • Holyhead or Hull:
    • for the classic Hope:Hope
    • we say: ‘challenging over three days .. or easier if you want to take more’
  • Fishguard or Felixstowe:
    • for the demanding FFin’ ABC
    • we say: ‘It is hard over four days; you have to be ready for a brutal first day, but it gets easier as you go on’
  • Walney Island or Whitby:
    • the WI-WI-WHI is a new route across the Lake District, Pennines and North Yorkshire moors in 2018. Why WI-WI-WHI?
    • we say: ‘Bit of a squeeze to incorporate the alliteration into this one but suffice to say there is a timely photo opportunity featured – make it a date!’
  • Bournemouth or Blackpool:
    • Bournemouth:Blackpool is a five day route via Bradford on Avon, Bourton on the Water, Burton on Trent, and Bollington (or Broadbottom) (south to north – or vice versa)
    • we say: ‘This route comes with different varieties and quantity of hill country; there is at least one day with some downhill opportunities. But what comes down has first to go up.’


If you want European cycling: get to the coast at

    • Dover (for Dunkirk or Calais, or Ostende); or
    • Newhaven (for Dieppe); or
    • Poole (for Cherbourg)


Get to the coast: casual riding

  • This might be for you if getting to the coast looks likely to be a bit too far but you do feel the need for some gentle recreational cycling with refreshment opportunities scattered along the route.
  • Some rides are truly aimed at the reluctant returner like the popular ‘any night is a night for cycling’ (which can be at any time to fit weather and availability)
  • Other rides are somewhat more or less ambitious: try for example –
    • Greater Manchester B:Ring. A semi-touring opportunity (in easy sections) round the outskirts of Greater Manchester.
    • RIDEoffourHOPE. A one day (with optional drop-out) opportunity linking Hope Hospital (showing age of target market) to Hope in Derbyshire via other hopes… nothing too foolhardy unless you want to have a go if you think you’re ready enough
  • Riding options include ‘route only’, ‘ride along’, ‘fully paid up’, or – on an altogether different (- entirely PC -) level: Private Corporate


Get to the coast: fully supported rides

  • We do not in general offer riding which is straightforward shortish simple and easy. If you want that then go to the links and see what others offer.
  • If you want it demanding during, with a good degree of comfort at the end of, the day then try:
    • HOPE:HOPE. Three days Holyhead – Hull, via Hope and Hope (featuring the North Wales coastal path; Snowdonia; Hope in Flintshire; Chester; Cheshire plain; Wilmslow; Whaley Bridge; Chapel en le Frith; Castleton; Hope in Derbyshire; Bamford; Strines; Wentworth; Doncaster; Owston Ferry; Flixborough; Barton upon Humber and Hull)
    • FF’in ABC. Four days Fishguard to Felixstowe, via Abergavenny Banbury and Cambridge (featuring Brecon Beacons, Abergavenny, Monmouthshire; Ross on Wye; Cotswolds; Banbury; Buckinghamshire; Cambridge; Ipswich; Felixstowe
    • Bournemouth-Blackpool. Five days, via Bradford on Avon, Bourton on the Water, Burton on Trent, and Bollington (or Broadbottom)
    • New for 2018! WI-WI-WHI: Walney Island to Whitby


Get to the coast: corporate

  • From rewarding team entertainment to challenges to CPD the scale can be made to fit your needs
  • We can supply bikes – if your staff are reluctant – and refreshments to suit
  • Routes tied in to early drop out or late joining opportunities for those unable to commit to the full ride
  • All rides fully serviced with support vehicle, accredited group leader and ride marshal(s), documentation and back – home travel for bikes as required
  • These are private functions but we also offer some events on a ‘ride along’ basis:
    • GDPR:CPD (it’s all about the data) – via Gatley-Denton-Poynton Ring of Certain Profitable Decisions
    • its all about the alliteration …..
  • Make ‘get to the coast’ the next great choice for your business!