Alcohol Policy

Our Alcohol Policy is to be found here:

GTTC Alcohol Policy v2.1 09 03 18 KL


Privacy policy and GDPR

When you contact us we will keep such information as you supply private

We will not supply your contact details, or any other personal information about you, to anyone else unless and until we have your express consent to do so

In particular we do not trade client details for any marketing purposes

We will let you know as and when anything changes in respect of our privacy policy

We may occasionally for the purposes of ensuring safe and enjoyable riding require acquisition from participants of personal details which may be shared with other responsible persons in course of and for the purposes of a particular ride.

Any data shared in hard copy will be returned and any stored on electronic media will as far as reasonably possible be deleted

If you are in any way concerned about how we may collect store share or otherwise deal with personal data please speak to us about this

If you are interested in compliance with GDPR you may wish to consider participating in the “Gatley Denton Poynton Ride-around: ‘It’s in the data’ ” (Inaugural edition 20 April 2018: further runs to follow! Ask for details)

General terms and conditions

Our General Terms and Conditions (gettothecoast service and package tours) can be found here:

gttc general terms and conditions 05 2017

Our Merchandise Terms and Conditions can be found here:

GTTC T&C re Merchandise 12 18