Get to other destinations: supported rides!

We do offer some rides which are rather easier than the challenging ‘get to the coast’:  riding which is more straightforward shortish simple and easy.

We offer a variety of more – or less – supported themed rides.

Get to the coast: casual riding

  • This might be for you if getting to the coast looks likely to be a bit too far but you do feel the need for some gentle recreational cycling with refreshment opportunities scattered along the route.
  • Some rides are truly aimed at the reluctant returner like the popular ‘any night is a night for cycling’ (which can be at any time to fit weather and availability)
  • Other rides are somewhat more or less ambitious: try for example –
    • Greater Manchester B:Ring. A semi-touring opportunity (in easy sections) round the outskirts of Greater Manchester.
    • RIDEoffourHOPE. A one day (with optional drop-out) opportunity linking Hope Hospital (showing age of target market) to Hope in Derbyshire via other hopes… nothing too foolhardy unless you want to have a go if you think you’re ready enough
  • Riding options include ‘route only’, ‘ride along’, ‘fully paid up’, or – on an altogether different (- entirely PC -) level: Private Corporate


Greater Manchester B:Ring

This is a take-your-own-time circuit (broken into four easy to follow segments) in which we provide a Significant Tourism Opportunity Promotion featuring common interests in Business Urbanism Leisure Sustainability Heritage Industry Travel with a view to promoting Bicycling that is Enjoyable for Everyone and Refreshing



RIDEoffourHOPE is a ride-along cycle route ideal for a fundraiser or other gentle (or not) challenge

The ride consists of a route from HOPE, Salford (the old Hope Hospital) to the HOPE Stockport (home of Fool Hardy Ales) then Howard Town Brewery, Old Glossop to celebrate the spring beer (‘HOPE’) then HOPE (via Chunal, Chinley Head and Chapel-en-le-Frith)



Get to the coast: corporate

  • From rewarding team entertainment to challenges to CPD the scale can be made to fit your needs
  • We can supply bikes – if your staff are reluctant – and refreshments to suit
  • Routes tied in to early drop out or late joining opportunities for those unable to commit to the full ride
  • All rides fully serviced with support vehicle, accredited group leader and ride marshal(s), documentation and back – home travel for bikes as required
  • These are private functions but we also offer some events on a ‘ride along’ basis:
    • GDPR:CPD (it’s all about the data) – via Gatley-Denton-Poynton Ring of Certain Profitable Decisions
    • its all about the alliteration …..
  • Make ‘get to the coast’ the next great choice for your business!


More updates to follow soon!

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