Slightly dated – still as stylish!

Shirts: were £26.40 now £18.48 – save! 30%

A2 (unframed) Posters: were £8.40 now £5.00 – save! over 40%


Still available: RIDEoffourHOPE shirts and posters!

Shirts £13.20

A2 Posters £3.60



Already B:Ring in a location near you!

Emma and Jack at Howard Town love the shirts 08 02 18
Jack and Emma at Howard Town loving the B:Ring shirts 08 02 18

Now available to order!


  • Greater Manchester B:Ring shirts: white full colour front and back design sizes S-M-L-XL WAS £26.40 NOW £18.48
  • GTTC: Hi-vis logo on back overshirt sizes S-M-L-XL-XXL £13.20
  •        RIDEoffourHOPE: White and blue design £13.20


  • A2 unframed (ask about framed options): full colour Greater Manchester B:Ring WAS £8.40 NOW £5.00
  •        A2 unframed RIDEoffourHOPE £3.60

Poster design here:

RIDEoffourHOPE poster mock up

Poster design on front of the shirt; reverse looks like this:

(NOTE – design makes extensive reference to pies!)




More items coming soon! Look out for #marksthepielines!

Packaging and delivery costs:

UK post (and we mean post) £3.52

France, Italy, Bulgaria (and other near European destinations) £5.70

Australia (and other far destinations) £7.20

FEE FREE local delivery by bike options – ask for details

Dunham Massey loving the poster 02 02 18
Dunham Massey: loving’ the poster 02 02 18
Ring shirt!
Daz at TTBS lovin’ the GMB:Ring shirt – “…. But what you really need is some stickers…!”


Online sales: maybe not coming soon

You will certainly have heard about e-commerce and will almost certainly in your life have purchased something online. But should join this revolution in the way shopping is conducted? Maybe yes. Or maybe not. Just try and find out what those who provide this service are charging.  Use a ‘payment friend’ account? How much are you contributing to their bottom line? Ask your bank – always keen to do business – safe and convenient and at your fingertips – at a price! A price is one thing but they want to be cut into the business.

So how best to supply shirts, posters, cards, and similar? We say get old fashioned. Customer service. Personal.

Email. Do we have the thing you want in stock? If yes we will Invoice you. You pay us. We send it out. How simple is that?

It really only works because we aren’t just in the business of selling shirts. Not piling it high to sell it cheap. We’re in the business of selling cycling experiences. The shirts, posters, and other stuff coming soon are all nice little ways of spreading the word. And if you want one – you know what to do!