RIDEoffourHOPE is a ride-along cycle route ideal for a fundraiser or other gentle (or not) challenge

The ride consists of a route from HOPE, Salford (the old Hope Hospital) to

the HOPE Stockport (home of Fool Hardy Ales) then

Howard Town Brewery, Old Glossop to celebrate the spring beer (‘HOPE’) then

HOPE (via Chunal, Chinley Head and Chapel-en-le-Frith)


image of the route in poster format here

RIDEoffourHOPE poster


PART I HOPE Hospital to the HOPE Inn Stockport

It is not hilly! There are refreshment and sustenance opportunities aplenty en route: we recommend Hollins Green for coffee and cake, and some truly excellent pork pies; Dunham Massey brewery for a relaxing retail experience; and the Courtyard at Wythenshawe Park for generic cafe food in green surroundings.

At the HOPE Inn there are some more of the finest pies to be had, and these may be accompanied by Foolhardy Ales of the highest quality.

40km and just 100m elevation. About two hours at relatively modest cycling pace. About three hours if more time is needed ….. for sustenance, refreshment and any retail therapy en route

(The Hope Inn presents a great opportunity for reluctant returners gracefully to conclude their ride. Transport by train from well connected Stockport station is just a short ride back across the Mersey)


PART II from the HOPE Inn Stockport to Howard Town Brewery for HOPE

There are some modest inclines via Woodley, Gee Cross, Hattersley, Broadbottom, Charlesworth, and Simmondley.

Opportunities for baling out include Broadbottom – home of Green Mill brewery at the Harewood Arms. This might provide an opportunity to avoid the worst bit of climbing from the Etherow up Long Lane to Charlesworth! Why not let the train take the strain? Broadbottom is well connected to Manchester by train. Or if your ride has the benefit of our van in support you could just jump on!

21km 315m elevation. About an hour and a quarter. ish.

(This section of route, especially after Broadbottom, is not particularly recommended for cyclists inexperienced in the use of gears, or anyone else with concerns about hills).



PART III (a) Old Glossop to Chapel-en-le-Frith (via Chunal and Chinley Head)

OK – so from Howard Town – if the last leg wasn’t hilly enough carry on! Or jump off and into the van ….. or stay (and drink more HOPE!!) and go home by train! The route is definitely becoming rather more hilly, if it was not before, with a steady climb up Chunal, drop down to Hayfield, then up again over Chinley Head. But fear not – there be then refreshments at the Old Cell; or failing that at any number of other fine establishments in this capital of the High Peak. We personally recommend a picnic combining the wares of MacBurham and the Chapel en le Frith Craft Brewing Co; perhaps not to the taste of the vegans but then the Pie Parlour and Bakery is back in Glossop….

Glossop – Chapel 16km; 334m elevation; about an hour. (This section not really suitable for inexperienced and or unfit cyclists).

(There is a good train to (or from) Chapel but be aware that Chapel station is notoriously not in Chapel! )


PART III (b) Chapel to Hope

From Chapel … the uphill theme continues along the route known as ‘Rushup’ (sic) until a rather sharp descent at Winnats Pass. Always feels better going down (ie W-E) at this point – but need to watch speed and have good braking control. If you hit the cattle grid too hard you can end up with a buckled wheel. If you miss the grid it can end up a whole lot worse. Watch your speed and have good braking control.

Chapel – Hope 14 km; 218m elevation; about 50 minutes

(Although there is a relatively lengthy climb up Rushup the gradient is not too steep and it makes a pretty good route for people who want to experience climbing for beginners. It is of course useful to have back-up available. Our van might make an ideal companion for this part of the trip! There are good connections by train back from Castleton, Edale and Hope. Any cyclist might find these more attractive than attempting to go back up Winnats Pass!)

Ride safely however many hopes you visit!

More routes to follow soon!

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