1. Bikes on trains and 2. WI-WI-WHI!!

Bikes and trains

OK so apologies for introducing a bit of politics in this update but the important point is about (lack of) bike provision on trains
Not sure how many of you might have seen the consultation from Grayling about Cross Country trains franchise
Its only 40 odd pages and makes for some interesting reading – just what planet the tories are on can be garnered from the suggestions to reduce the amount of crowding. Locally the MEN have flagged the idea that crowding can be reduced by stopping at fewer stations. That isn’t what the system needs
What struck me was that (having looked through it twice) I found mention of cycles x 2
I think that if a number of people who try to use trains with bikes chase this up soon enough there might be a groundswell of support for what might be a good start:
1. extra carriages with more bike spaces (which can double as standing room; or can incorporate fold down extra seats)
2. wider doors to assist everyone getting on and off trains (they go on about ‘churn’ being an issue)


Just enjoyed a very pleasant coast to coast Walney Island – Whitby via Rylstone and Cracoe (? – WI!)

Highlights included Kirkby Lonsdale, Settle, Kettlewell, West Tanfield, Ripon, Wass Bank, Ampleforth Moor, Helmsley, Blakey Ridge …… and loads more in between

I took three and just a bit days – it was nice to do it like that with each day becoming easier!! On reflection though starting in Settle on Day 2 gave me no chance of beating the first hill without legs being warmed up. That was the only one that I had to walk up so this route is eminently feasible for anyone with a modicum of fitness and the right attitude

Day 1 Walney to Settle 120km 1170m elevation


Day 2 Settle to West Tanfield 93km 880m elevation


Day 3 West Tanfield to Blakey 82km 860m elevation


Day 4 Blakey Ridge to Whitby 37km 296m elevation



Once I develop the skill to upload albums there will be pictures to show!!!


More updates to follow soon!

visit gettothecoast.co.uk again soon for updates


or send an email  to gettothecoast(at)gmail.com


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