Fully booked! And more to come!

Cherbourg – Dieppe

le winter training #1 d’excellence‘ GTTC’s innovative Brexit Busting Bike Bus cycle Cherbourg to Dieppe now fully booked! Being run on a not for profit pathfinder basis this is the first time we have ventured over the channel.
Even though the whole produce of France may not easily be available after March we are sure that further European cycling opportunities will present themselves soon!
Why not contact us for other opportunities to experience cultural delights of France before the gates come crashing down!

Midweek short (and longer) cycles!

Dates for upcoming Wednesday long and short rides in spring! After the maximum refreshment and excitement levels reached on ‘Leisurely Cheshire 13 02 19‘ we are sure that these will be in demand!
The rides will be aimed at moderately competent (on short routes) and intermediate (longer rides) cyclists.
The premise is that anything strenuous is unwelcome! So its a great opportunity to do a bit of social cycling!
27 February longer ride: Cheshire lanes and ice cream
13 March short cycle: Irlam and canals
27 March short cycle: Irlam, Warburton, Dunham
10 April longer ride: Cheshire (‘we like it flat’)
24 April short cycle: tbc
More details coming soon!

visit gettothecoast.co.uk again soon for updates

or send an email  to gettothecoast(at)gmail.com

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